The Early Middle Ages (A Great Course Review)

This review was a long time coming; specifically, because, I alternated this course along with another Great Courses lecture series. So it feels like an epic, even though it is but a normal series of lectures. Despite not being an epic course, however, I learned an epic amount from this course. So it all worked…Read more »

Long Shadows and the Dark Ages Revisited (Notes:56)

AS you will remember from the first lecture in this series, two prominent historians– Edward Gibbon and Belgian Anacreon Perion—both conceived of two ways in which the Roman Empire fell. One, Edward, thought that it was Christianity which weakened the Empire and made it susceptible to Barbarian invasion. Anacreon, meanwhile, conceived of things in economic…Read more »

Arthur of the Britons: or, The Young Warlord (A Review)

Let’s take a step back in time to 1975, where gaudy fashion was all the rage and racial segregation still in vogue. Across the channel, you would find a television show called Arthur of the Britons playing on the BBC.  Unfortunately, it was only on air for a couple of seasons before its cancellation. A…Read more »