How I Now Look at Texts

Lately, I have been looking back on my brief Middle English stint, you know, where I was going through Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales in its original language while looking at several translations. That project (which I may continue).                 Though I have not any idea when I will be returning to that project, if ever, I have been…Read more »

Aquinas on What Reason Can and Cannot Do (Notes:71)

Aquinas drew a distinction between theology and philosophy; to him, philosophy was drawing conclusions based on distinctions in the natural world whereas theology was the same albeit with the supernatural. Aquinas differentiated both by calling recourse to the “Domain of Faith” and the “Domain of Reason” of which both overlapped and diverged in different ways.…Read more »

Ohthere’s Voyage to the White Sea & Wulfstan’s Visit to Estonia

Both of these short extracts are simple travel narratives. They do not pretend to be epic meditations on the human condition nor do they recount epic legends; rather, they are but the record of two gentlemen—the former a Norwegian, the latter perhaps another Norwegian or maybe an Englishman— who traveled abroad in order to discover…Read more »

“I Saw a Strange Creature” or, Thirty-one Riddles

I’m going, to be honest, and say that I was never a big fan of riddles. Whether they be modern brain-teasers or Anglo-Saxon poems, riddles simply never held my attention. Why relates to simply how my mind works—it is skilled in abstracting reality but not piecing an abstraction back together (almost ironic). So I tend…Read more »