(This post is part of my series on my upcoming educational game Enchanted Assemblages; read the previous posts here and here.)

He is the badass cliche that every student wants to study under; soft spoken and sensitive, he is a scholar who simply wants to expand his students minds, for them to critically think about the world and engage with their texts; he scorns traditional essays and pushes an agenda of New Media oriented texts so heavy, that one would think the constant smell of coffee and designer cologne is actually part of his natural scent, but that is just part of his existence as an Avante Garde artist-educator. That’s right, Axel Algrotto is Liberal-progressive, academic elite!

A tenured professor at Tangagile University, Dr. Algrotto is known either by his intellectual wanderlust or by his harsh and unrelenting pushing of his students.

Though he is many a first-year’s knight in shining armor thanks to his free-spirit and desire to open new doors, he is many a senior’s final obstacle. An unwary student may find themselves in a tricky situation after taking an advance class with him and expecting an easy ride; failing grades are not uncommon as when it comes to his advanced courses– especially his darling seminar, ENG499– he pulls no punches and expects his students to wrestle with the materials all hours of everyday. So, in true dialectical fashion, he is both your priest as well as your inquisitor.

Even so, Dr. Algrotto is nothing if but fair. Always careful to listen to his students when things get tough, he rarely flunks without purpose. A worldly and well-traveled soul, Dr. Algrotto has seen far more than his students would expect; from civil strife to disease, Dr. Algrotto may be an intellectual, but he is nothing if not materialistic. Combining dry, ironic humor with sharp rigor, Dr. Algrotto is one of the oddest professors a student will meet.


Real Talk

For this character, I wanted somebody who fit the archetype of the consummate professor. In other words, I wanted somebody who was the airy liberal elite but also someone who had a real attachment to scholarship, even if their demeanor in lower-level classes didn’t always refelct their true disposition.

Part of why I wanted a professor which fit this archetype was because, over the course of Enchanted Assemblages, the reader is not going to meet many if any at all, other professors. The creative universe is built specifically for this character because the class which the character teaches is built around Malory’s Le Morte D’arthur. Sure, the students of this class would, as undergraduates, have other courses, but those courses are irrelevant or only relevant in terms of background information. The main attraction is this seminar as this is one of the final grades that many of the students will need to pass before graduating.

The name Axel is inspired by a character in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. This is also why his personality is a bit airy and devil-may-care. Though “my” Axel isn’t a secretively caring bad-boy, I enjoyed both the name and the inspirational source enough to make it a lasting fixture.

But the above is all I can mention right now. Since a lot of this character’s characterization is only revealed through the plot, and I have yet to get to the nuances of the plot yet, I will have to leave be for now. But, I hope you enjoyed this brief look at one of the more mysterious characters in the upcoming educational game Enchanted Assemblages.

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