Today, I had a tooth extracted.

For anyone who has had a tooth extracted while awake, you will know that it is quite the process. They numb you up and then apply tons of pressure, twirl it around, wiggle it back and forth, and pull with all their might. I honestly can only imagine how much agonizing pain I would have been in had I not been numb.

My oral health troubles, though, are not why you come to this blog. You come to this blog with half-baked ideas on medieval study and Latin engagement. So, the connection between teeth and Latin is this: I am very tired.

Because of my tooth, I didn’t get very much rest. Likewise, when I did wake up, I had to complete my homework; the homework took a while to complete, longer than I thought, so I had to leave it be while I “took care of” my tooth. After my appointment, then, which took longer than I anticipated, I had to rush back to my room and finish my translations and annotations. Obviously, I had to rush since I had just around thirty-minutes to finish several short sentences.

Over all, I think I did well on the assignment, but rushing to finish the assignment, and not being super-clear on translating from English into Latin, has made me a little nervous about the upcoming academic year. Because this Latin course is online, but I am a full-time student at my own local university campus, in just under a week, I will have far more course work to do than merely Latin.

This is the problem– Latin seems to be taking up so much time. More time than I feel that it needs to take up. Obviously, I need to study more. As of now, I am doing well grade wise, but I still need to study more (perhaps scheduling an appointment with the professor will be a good decision should I feel that I am falling behind). But, with homework taking up such a commitment already, it is hard to smoosh in studying when after finalizing my Latin homework, I have coursework for literally three other whole classes. I guess my fear is that I will never gain the sort of mastery I am wishing. Or, more specifically, I am a little worried that I will be overworking myself with all of my academic commitments.

Perhaps this means I will simply have to force in more time to study; get up earlier, work later… maybe start having caffeine again. I will work something out.

If you have any tips or advice, please feel free to comment!

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