Unfortunately, this post has little to do with munching; at least, in the conventional sense, that is: you see, this post talks about the slow and thoughtful consideration of Latin which can be likened to munching. I know, dreadful.

At any rate, I have been doing well. I am not as stressed as during the previous entry.

I turned in my homework and found that I did well. 18/20 points are great while the feedback I received from the instructor helped a lot. I now have a clearer idea of personal endings and the exact idea which they represent. Previously, for example, I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how to properly translate them; I was thinking that the personal endings had something to do with tense instead of more literally being the singular and plural denotations which we are used to in English. Now, though, I am set straight on that and translating was much easier in today’s work than previously, though it was still time-consuming as heck.

Another reason why I am doing better today is, aside from being greatly recovered from my tooth extraction yesterday and getting some much-needed rest, I found out that I have a little more time than I thought to submit assignments.

Because I am talking this Latin course online, there is some discrepancy between my time zone and the time zone of when work is expected to be turned in. This amount to me having an hour extra. Since I live in Maine, and that is about an hour before Iowa, when it is twelve in the afternoon in my state, it is only eleven in the morning in Iowa. And remember, since assignments are due in Iowa time, I have an hour more than I had originally believed.

Whether or not this hour will come in handy I have yet to see since my schedule for the next semester is so packed, but it is nice just knowing that hour is there. If I need to cut into lunch to complete Latin, then that time exists. It will at least take a slight edge off submissions, especially when things get frenzied later in the term.

Well, I am excited. Things are looking up and I can move onto chapter two of Wheelock knowing that I am not falling behind. For me, that is enough.

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