No pussyfooting around: I took my first quiz today and didn’t do too well; I certainly didn’t get a passing grade. How bad? I earned just under half of the total points. Ouch.

So, what happened?

Quite honestly, I think I just panicked. Looking at the answer key once the quiz was submitted, I think I began to overthink things; things like turning singulars into plurals and vice versa, to my time-rushed mind, appeared more complicated than it initially seemed. Once the quiz was done and I was reviewing, I said to myself, “why didn’t I get this right? Why was I thinking about case endings?” Overthinking played a role during the final translation question where I initially got it correct but then changed my answer, to an incorrect reply, before submitting. Really, it was a combination of not properly preparing, over-thinking, and rushing.

I am not discouraged, though. Aside from the fact that at the end of the term our three lowest grades will be dropped, I know what I did wrong and feel confident that once I study a bit more these questions won’t be an issue. Of course, staying on top of things each week will always be a challenge, but that is something to tackle in the future.

In any case, though my grade dropped steeply from this poor performance, I will make it up– hopefully– with well-done homework assignments. If need be, I can ask for a redo but will try to hold off on such pleadings. It is only the first week and from many students learning a second language– living or dead– I know that a poor first performance is the standard (or, at least it was when I took an ill-advised Spanish course).

In any case, for the rest of today, I will only be able to give casual attention to Latin as I must pack for the new school term. Move-in day is Sunday morning, so it is time I flex my muscles and start the great gathering.

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