As you, my loyal readers are aware, today was move-in day for my university.

Amid the thronging mass of youthful bodies surging into their cramped, smelly dorms, I was content with my Single, knowing that I would have space and privacy I needed to focus on this term’s possibly overwhelming workload.

But, I also, like for the past couple of days, have been continuing to study my Latin.

There is little point in lying– I’m still confused on everything; linguistics is not my forte and trying to work out case endings, adjectives, personal endings and so forth, is a trying affair. If I do not do well on an upcoming assignment, I will swallow my pride and ask for a video conference on what I need to do to better myself.

But, at least for now, I feel I am “getting” it. I don’t feel that I am drowning; sure, I am confused but I am not hopelessly confused. Why? Because for the past couple of days I have finally jumped ahead just a bit. I have actually had time to study on Quizlet and the vocab words are becoming more used to me. Sure, I still have to refresh my mind often but certain words, case endings, and the sort are no longer quite feeling so “Greek” to me (and no, I have no plans on studying Greek anytime soon!).

Tomorrow, I will continue with my work, edge in some studying, and hopefully receive high marks. But, should the opposite happen, I am prepared for that; the point is, I am not giving up. I am fighting to learn this language. It is an uphill battle but anything worth doing is worth waging an uphill battle, so Latin, as in life, takes a little and gives a little, but not without a struggle.

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