So today, I had a meeting with my Latin professor. In short, it went very well.

We went over case endings and personal endings and discussed some of the problems I was having. By the end of the meeting, my cloudy ideas had all but been cleared away and once more was the sunshine of Latin brimming through my mental clouds.

What was my stormy weather? Overthinking.

I tend to overthink many issues and so I cannot say I was surprised when I did it with Latin; it is, after all, easy to become overbearing when learning another language.

When I was doing my Latin homework, I was being too blunt. I got overeager and attempted to find all the definitions for the words and then work backwards to try and understand the context. I was using the case endings more as vague clues instead of concrete hints. Most of all, I wasn’t applying the phrase which should not drive my labor– A subject Verbs a Direct Object to an Indirect Object with an Ablative.

Obviously, then, my skills needed to be better. Because of the meeting today, though, I feel the courage return to my Latin work. I’m not quite feeling as decreased or fearful as I have been these last two days. I feel that for the immediate future, I have this Latin thing down.

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