I know what you are thinking– what on terra is a Latin inch? The answer is [See previous Latin Journal blog post]. Suffice it to say, I am struggling to keep up with the material.

As anyone who has studied Latin knows, the material becomes more and more complicated. 3rd Declension, Future and Imperfect tense, yet more case endings and special rules… sure, English is the hardest language but I am willing to fight you that Latin is a close second.

I’m not failing. I’m still passing. It is just that I am slipping.

Part of why I am slipping is as I said previously, I have three other classes and the time to memorize everything that I need to do in Latin just doesn’t exist. I have to be strategic with my time; and trust me, I spend a LOT of time on Latin, just not enough, evidently. But, when I am trying to limit my caffeine intake and I have clinical Depression, I can honestly only do so much. Like many college students, I am smart but I am not a super-student who wants to run on a sleep deficit of several hours.


It is a mass-murderer, judging by the number of depressing memes I found…


So, as a result, I am slowly but surely falling behind. In other words, my work is suffering. In each assignment, I am gradually losing points and it is tiresome, to say the least. Why is because if I did have the necessary time, then I wouldn’t be having this problem, but that is the siren song everyone says.

But, despite everything, I am not giving up. I am paying far too much money for this course and by golly, I am going to at least squeak by with a passing grade!


I’ve decided, then, that this weekend will be spent under intense review. I am going to go back to the beginning of the course, re-watch the videos, take a few improved notes, re-engage Wheelock and any material I missed, and find where I went wrong.

Somewhere along the way, whether because I didn’t put in the study time or I just forgot, I lost track of the specifics of annotation and translation, opting for cheap shortcuts and easy pickings. Not anymore. Sure, I won’t be able to master several weeks of material in a couple of days, but some intense review, a meeting with the instructor, and some more intense review, and I think I will be in a decent spot.

I honestly do not know how much I will accomplish. But, I am aiming for quality so if I do not get the beast’s load, that is fine. Part of my note taking will be to create some educational posts for this online Latin journal. I figure that if I can concisely explain a concept to another, then that will help retention and figuring out the concept, to begin with; these sort of educational posts have been anticipated for far too long so it will be nice to finally get some written.


I don’t think I am going to like the answer…


As a vague estimate, I would assume that at least three such posts should be published over the weekend. Maybe more but it is hard to say. So, in the interim, I will leave you with this– please help by commenting some study tips, thanks!

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