Well, after several weeks of just holding on, I need to admit a terrible truth– I just can’t continue with Latin the way I have been lately.

Up to this point, I have been getting up early, usually after only getting five to six hours of sleep, and then plowing through Latin until it is done, only breaking on occasion or when I have class. After I hand in the homework, I can’t-do anymore studying because I, literally, don’t have the time, not if I want to, at some point, work on my other coursework. The result of this? All around my coursework has suffered.

Though I am technically not failing in any class I have to also say that is only a technicality. Had my math class not been so heavy on group work, had my biology class not be heavily dependent on minute assignments fairly easily finished in a sitting, had I not been taking an independent study I have already a great deal accomplished in… had not all of those been a reality, I would likely be doing a lot worse. But, this is the thing– midterms are coming up and I need to work in more studying on those, otherwise, I will not have a very good GPA by the time this semester ends.

I cannot let this happen, especially if the payoff is barely passing a single term of Latin. My $1600 Latin course should not take priority over several thousand dollars of other coursework. Anyone with some basic sense of ‘which is more important’ should come to the same conclusion as I.

Henceforth, this is my plan.

I need to go back to the beginning of my Latin course and take it slowly (or as slow as I realistically can take it and still get all the coursework done in a realistic sense of the word). I am going to go to this beginning, memorize what I should have memorized weeks ago, and do things the correct way.

This will mean turning in a lot of late work which means, in turn, a lot of lost points, but I will have a talk with my professor about my schedule and see what can be done. Maybe an exception can be made seeing as how I have so much on my plate.

If things do not work out, then I will have to take a different language requirement; let me just say, that I do not want to do that.

Why is because I do actually enjoy Latin. It is an interesting– even neat– language. Furthermore, it will help me in any future career as a medievalist. But, as of right now, I am finding it harder to handle with all on my schedule. I want to keep up and am willing to work hard, as the many hours I have put into my work shows, but the way I have been going about it could be better and so this is where my current realization sets in; I need to find a way of working which works for me and I can’t let an academic minority influence the majority of my classwork.

So, I will be emailing the professor soon and hoping for the best. I will continue doing my best. Maybe, just maybe, I will learn a passing mark when everything is said and done. But, what I know now is that something needs to change. Wish me luck!

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