Hello, friends and friendos,

I just wanted to give a brief update on my work concerning Enchanted Assemblages, my much-hyped educational adaptation of Thomas Malory’s Le Morte Darthur. Since I haven’t updated with any new explanatory posts in a while, I thought I would take a few minutes to ensure you that I have not yet been abducted by Norsemen.

In short, the project is going well, just slowly.

There have been some personal drama on my end which temporarily ground labor to a halt and then I had to wait a bit for the university’s funding to come in; on top of the usual waiting for books and papers to arrive, things have been slow. All of that being said, however, I have made progress.

In terms of research, I’ve managed to read close to a dozen scholarly papers; I’ve also completed a decent amount of brainstorming and have moved on to beginning the next major research phase (namely, the work which will concern the coding of the interactive fiction elements of the project). It is true that I need to pick up the pace but I have every intention of doing so, so don’t jump down my throat just yet.

Currently, what is most needed to be done is simply research, the reading and annotation of scholarly papers. Once I have this done I can then move on to the writing of the novella pieces and the educational bits. Once the novellas are written, I can write the scripts for the videos; once the video scripts are written, I can narrow in on what I want to focus on for the interactive fiction. All points to research and the good thing is that I have the papers for that research all printed off and ready to be read. Tomorrow, I will kick off this next research bout by reading a few papers. Then on out, I will resume reading one a day. For a little while, my focus was interrupted but no more.

To conclude, I remain excited about this project and look forward to regaling you all with more posts detailing aspects of the world and its characters in the immediate future. Until then, peace.

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