Bonus Round: “Medieval” Games on Steam

Brandon W. Hawk

This post is meant as a follow-up to my previous thoughts about medievalists telling medieval stories. In that piece, I begin by considering a video game and end with reflections on the larger implications for storytelling about the Middle Ages. After writing it, I got to thinking about other medieval video games, so decided to check some more out. Naturally, I went to see what’s offered on Steam.

There’s no surprise that searching by the keywords “medieval” and “Middle Ages” brings up quite a few hits (and some irrelevant results, as far as I can tell). I can’t go through the whole list, but here’s a selection of games released in 2017 that promise some sort of “medieval” experience–and notes on how they seem to represent the Middle Ages, at least on the surface.


Many of my criticisms are based on what claims each game seems to make…

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