As an academic-in-training, I have a stake in the state of the field. So, I read plenty of various blogs and websites. Some I read more than others, though I often lament not reading some more than I should. But some sites are just so good, I need to rave about them for a little while.

In short, this website is probably my favorite. It has a sleek web design, plenty of articles on the medieval and today, and takes an unabashed, progressive, stance on pressing issues; case in point, TPM has done everyone a service by publishing their “Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages” series which seeks to deconstruct neo-fascist distortions about the medieval period. As anyone who is even marginally involved in the Middle Ages knows, the radical Right has appropriated history for themselves in an effort to revise factual knowledge about race and ethnicity; they seek to base their movement and hatred on a fantasy and have savaged the middle ages to get to this point. A growing number of academics and enthusiasts, however, have risen up to oppose these lies and so it is heartening to see such a direct and powerful series of content which strikes deep at the cancer.

With snappy and relevant writing, an ambitious goal, and numerous intelligent contributors, TPM ranks the highest on my list of frequently visited websites. As I look forward to their future content, I hope you will drop by yourself and give them a chance.

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