Hey, everyone,

I figured that I have no given an update on Enchanted Assemblages for a while, my project adapting Thomas Malory’s Le Morte Darthur (LMD) into a modern and educational Lit-RPG.

I said previously that I was going to use my long winter break to primarily catch up on reading scholarly papers and learning the inside and out of Inform 7. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Fortunately, the project is still on track, progress is just looking a bit different than what I had entailed.

Over the course of the break, I had decided that instead of trying to reduce each book of LMD into a short to moderately sized series of novellas, I would create a longer narrative that went more in-depth. I found that characters and world-building really demanded that I do so. You can still expect all of the things I have previously said, just in a higher quantity. That’s right, the project is still on and still aiming for greatness.

I can say that the finished product is going to have more than one piece of Interactive Fiction. Each former novella will be closer in length to an actual book than a novella, and I plan on creating original artwork to accompany the story.

Sounds great, right? Absolutely.

The only downside, however, is that this project is going to take a long time to complete. And that is not even considering the project as a whole. Heck, I am only talking about the first installment (now titled Reno’s Second Life). This first installment already has over 130 pages (printed) and I have barely broached the first few chapters of LMD (!). Expect this project to be an affair that I whittle away on here and there. Like my Medieval Harry Potter project, Enchanted Assemblages will have periods of activity and periods of inactivity.

I want to simply say, however, that I have never been more sure of this project than I am now. It has been a long time coming and there have been many ups and downs, but throughout all the troubles, brainstorming sessions, and incarnations, I have felt that this undertaking was worth doing; sitting here today, writing this update, I still feel this way and feel that I have a direct course to the end of this voyage, even if that voyage is far off.

From this point onwards, you can expect more periodic updates. Later today, I will be publishing another such update probing one such aspect of the world I am building. After today, you will continue to receive updates mixed between the normal content of this blog, updates on characters and places.

Hopefully, such updates become more frequent and I do not leave you all in the dark about what this, admittedly obtuse project, is all about. In the meantime, thanks for reading.

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