With blond hair, glasses, freckles, and lack of muscle, Sora is a wimp.

It is another character profile for my upcoming project Enchanted Assemblages!

A nineteen-year-old sophomore of average height, Sora is intended to be the best friend of protagonist Reno. Inspired loosely from, once again, Kingdom Hearts, Sora is shy and introverted but attempts to be sociable when the situation is manageable. An unpredictable soul, when he is bored, Sora will make random noises and hum whatever folk tunes pop into his head. He is usually very neat and tidy which contrasts well with Reno’s disorganization.

With a background a critical theory nerd, Sora rants about assorted criticisms like it is second nature; whether it is Queer, Marxist, psychoanalytic he will bore you to tears with an elaborate understanding of heteronormativity, labor-value, and dream theory.

Hailing from an ultra-conservative family, Sora is at odds with them. On one hand, you have him, a free-thinking spirit who is gradually embracing increasingly more left-wing politics. On the other hand, you have his family which backs the state in the brewing civil conflict.

As a recently out Gay man, Sora sometimes struggles with self-loathing if he drinks too much; he relates his feelings of self-loathing as a “family hangover” from one too many years with his religious caregivers. While at Tangagile, however, Sora will discover more of himself than merely his sexuality; what this other is, though, you will just have to wait and see.

Sora spends a lot of time in the university gym and doing live-action role-playing when not in Vingaard. Since he has anxieties about his weight and prefers to count calories and eat little, Sora again marks himself as that stereotypically different counterpart to Reno since Reno loves to eat to his heart’s content. Sora’s introversion sometimes is a source of conflict with Reno as it comes between the pair making plans and doing things (such as partying). But, they always seem to make up albeit in unexpected ways.

Talking his way into the ENG497 seminar, Sora aligns himself with Reno out of a mutually returned respect.

For more on this character, my dear readers, wait until later this year when Enchanted Assemblages begins publication. Until then!

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