A classmate to Reno and Sora, Airya is a full-time student and intern at Roland’s Used Books.

Fit and athletic, Airya works out and hopes to focus on physically demanding occupations after her graduation. She is very tall at six-foot nine-inches and has lean muscles to back up her martial arts training.

Personality wise, she can be cold and distant with people whom she judges to be potentially dangerous or not worth her time but once she gets to know someone, she is actually very warm and motherly, even if she has no plans on ever having children. She doesn’t understand sarcasm very well and usually must be told the punchline of a joke. She is quick to judge people based on their initial actions but allows room for correction since she knows a first encounter is rarely the measure of a person.

Coming from a large, religious family in which she is a middle child of a family of 18 children, she enjoys a conflicted relationship with her family. Her family’s religion is an archaic mix of several religions into one which prides itself on procreation. Years before Airya was born, they had to flee a far-eastern nation which began a crackdown on religious minorities.

Relatively conservative in her views she is also asexual and this puts her at odds with an otherwise harmonious familial arrangement. A kind of feminist, Airya has had to teach herself to deal with the vulgar sexual advances of the boys at her university but has grown adept at it after surviving an attempted rape.

Internally, and despite her better judgment, Airya sometimes becomes obsessed with certain texts from popular culture. Once she becomes ensnared by a franchise, she will devote hours upon hours to digging into the fandom. Since she is a dedicated student, though, these bouts of obsession has been a constant struggle to wade off during the academic year. Luckily, she is usually able to save her obsessions for the summer and winter vacations.

Even so, Airya never loses sight of what is truly important. Being a conservative activist on campus, she has made many enemies of the left-wing students. Though now, in her senior year, she doesn’t do as much as she once did, she maintains her “reactionary” views despite the heated campaigns directed at her in the past; from coercive self-criticism sessions to infiltrators sabotaging her campaigns, she has held her own in the fierce life of a politically active student. Considering that Airya’s foes are not merely left-wing in orientation since she has had to on numerous occasions beat off fascist recruiters from her organization, Airya doesn’t lack a hardened political edge.

Now in her final year of college, Airya is looking forward to what her final semester has in store for her.

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