Classmates of Reno, both are full times students; Chad is a student-athlete while his older brother Mike is a TA.

Chad appears as your everyday jock; with smooth and toned muscles and just the hint of a mustache, he seems like your average ladies man. But, this is not the case as he physique doesn’t match his fashion style which is a mismatched hodgepodge of clothing even a toddler wouldn’t be caught dead wearing. Mike, meanwhile, is a fiercely average geek who wears typical clothing from low-end department stores only varying to buy overly expensive merchandise from his favorite Anime program.

Personality wise, Chad can seem off-putting due to receiving some less than enlightened gender norms from his father, who was surprisingly receptive to his “daughter” transitioning to manhood, so as long as he exuded “pure masculinity”. Chad can be overly confrontational at times and even, shockingly, misogynistic as part of his effort to pass as a male. His older brother, meanwhile, is the exact opposite and very soft spoken and avoids confrontation like the plague; though he isn’t exactly shy or an introvert, he suffers from anxiety and paranoia disorders and this makes him both anticipate and fear interaction and meeting people.

Both Chad and Mike began life as avid gamers and virtual cultural keyboard warriors; as such, both grew addicted to caffeine in whatever source it could be found (Soda, energy drinks, black tea, etc.). However, since both needed to be up early to underachieve in school, they needed to be up at a certain time, and to accomplish this feat while getting a decent amount of sleep, they relied on sleep aids to lure them asleep. This then, of course, fed into their caffeine addiction since they needed such a substance to keep their eyes open after ingesting so much sleep medicine.

Being the younger brother, Chad has always had to fight to keep his personhood distinct from his older bro. Once he transitioned into manhood, this became a bit easier but in a harder way due to the transphobic bigotry and discrimination he faced. Getting into athletics as part of his transition, Chad believed becoming a decent athlete would help him integrate into the masculine sphere while also shaping his body into a positively manly aesthetic. Mike, meanwhile, seems to have had things easier with just some vague dirty comments thrown his way due to his association with his brother but also his love for Anime. A typical Otaku, Mike has loved Japanese animation since a small child; fascinated by all sorts of Anime with a lesser popularity than what is seen in the mainstream, however, Mike seems to have found a way to become counter-culture in what was formerly a counter-cultural pass time.

Internally, however, Chad is torn between pleasing society (his father, peers, and potential love interests) while at the same time remaining true to himself; though he knows that hateful and confrontational language is wrong, he uses such language as a means to please society. In a better situation, as he tells himself, he would like to be more himself, someone who is courteous and can be treated as they see himself without putting on an elaborate show. Mike, meanwhile, is in constant conflict with his anxiety and paranoia which cause him to make impulsive decisions. Though Mike has since gotten better at treating and handling his disorders, it still causes him problems in forming and maintaining relationships.

These brothers are quite the pair and when you get them going, all sorts of trouble awaits!

To learn more about these fascinating folx, tune into my upcoming project Enchanted Assemblages!

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