(The following is a short introduction to a character from my upcoming creative project Enchanted Assemblages; to learn more, click here.)

A classmate of Reno, Issac is a Junior at Tangagile University.

Only a part-time student, he works full time at Pullman’s Grocer.

Descended from a Jewish Ugandan family, Issac’s deep black skin is what most of the pasty-White students at Tangagile University notice first. Underneath such initial impressions, however, you will find a young man who is almost hipsterish in appearance; always seen wearing his signature Chrome-brand messenger bag slung over his chest, he prefers to wear a purple athletic track suit despite spurning athletics. Wearing thick, non-prescription glasses and donning an Afro heavily reminiscent of the seventies, Issac is a force onto himself.

A soft-spoken intellectual, Issac is simultaneously fiery and calming (if you find some one-on-one time with him). Though his bluntness can get on the bad side of people, he seeks to deconstruct typical notions of the status quo. Never afraid to speak his mind, Issac can always be heard cussing out professors, reactionary co-workers, and unfair bosses. Rarely does this win him any favors, though, so as a result, he is constantly moving from one place of occupation to the next, one group of friends to the next.

Issac lives a straight-edge life. He declines to consume all substances which have an unhealthy effect on his body. Perhaps this is part of his family hangover, but if it is, it is the one aspect which has been good for him as his Depression and Anxiety is kept in check with such an empty diet. As such, he refuses to consume alcohol, weed and tobacco, and even caffeine (among others). Issac leads an organized life run on a regular schedule. He is if not anything a creature of habit.

Like many young people in the late capitalistic age, Issac does not have a good relationship with his family. Because his family adheres to a metaphysical interpretation of Zionism heavily reliant on Black Supremacy, he long ago cut ties with them and their “quack” racialist views. One factor for doing so was not merely because he disagreed with their spiritual and ethnic views, but also because he, as a Bisexual, was seen as sub-human. Not wanting to live life as a second-class member of his family, he cut ties with his roots, spurning a potentially lucrative career as a snake-oil salesman on his family’s popular YouTube Channel, and fended for himself as a member of the working class.

Coming from a family heavily immersed in misogynistic and gender essentialist views, Issac struggles often with his internalized sexism and trans-misogyny. Constantly battling his own prejudices, Issac tries to police his language and thoughts while he completes side research on women and transgender issues. He hopes to one day overcome his rearing in such a household and see his trans and woman comrades as equals.

Making his own way hasn’t been easy, however. Aside from the typical external conflict which is represented by dour bosses and out-of-tune peers, Issac’s family has a nasty habit of trying to butt into his life; they will often leave him less than welcome emails and phone messages when not mailing him leaflets trying to entice him to “reform his ways”. Resilient and dedicated to his future and health, Issac perseveres no matter what is thrown his way.

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