Reno was covered in puke. His pants were around his ankles and he had only a vague awareness of where he was as his equally disheveled cohorts lay slumped around his prone figure. His head pounded and getting up was trickier than he thought between ponderously moving around his friends and being forced to duck-walk with his garments at his feet. Rising to his feet, though, he saw the typical sight— empty wine and mead bottles galore.



Reno and company aren’t quite party animals like these fellas, but they were pretty close…

It was, in other words, an average Friday night.

Reno Finnegan was your average 17-year-old college Freshman. Away from home for the first time in his short life, he was intoxicated with the freedom his new surroundings offered. Needless to say, that metaphorical intoxication soon turned to literal intoxication as he hit the party scene; loose women and more alcohol than an alcoholic could drink in a lifetime made his time at Tangagile University epic; he made sure to lose his virginity ASAP and thanks to alcohol’s rape-ifying effects, he had plenty of hookups. Fuck, he even got with a few guys when his judgment slipped; he didn’t really like giving head— much less when the jackass nutted in his mouth— but he sure loved getting head and quickly came to the conclusion that guys were far better at giving than girls.


Some same-sex partners get hot and heavy alongside diminutive demons– nice!

Again, it was a typical college night for a typical first year. What wasn’t typical, though, was the location of this standard debauchery.

Reno wasn’t getting shit-faced in his dorm or his dick wet in some random upperclassman’s apartment stacked full of horny undergrads. No. He was having the time of his life in a place called Vingaard— the most fantastical online realm he had ever encountered; a place so full of details and realistic that it was all too easy to forget which world— Earth or Vingaard— was reality.

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