Always hanging together in a cloud-like formation, the three Juniors are about as average as they come. Abelard is tall and slender preferring jean-based clothing, Beele is short and plump and is never seen wearing anything other than Hot Topic apparel, while Ernie is as aggressively normal as can be with his intellectual prowess hid well underneath his distressed cargo pants and a polo shirt.

Personality wise, Abelard is far from as pious as his name would suggest. Abelard is the most outgoing of the three with a party or sexual encounter constantly planned; spending the least amount of time on his school or labor, he prefers the easy and simple life that is offered from alcoholic orgies. But, don’t let his debauchery fool you, he is actually one of the most politically correct persons you will meet. Beele, meanwhile, takes “Fake Goth” to a whole new level with his constant recitation of Edgar Allen Poe and assorted references to Lovecraft. He loves depressive literature, music, and anything which makes life seem worth tossing aside. That being said, when not uni, he actually prefers the working-class threads which he grew up wearing while doing odd jobs around his small town, the kind of clothes which Abelard fetishizes as part of his own identity. Beele is actually an upbeat and happy individual, though hides it at school since during his Freshman year, he just sort of fell in with the Depressive-lifestyle kids and ran with it. Ernie, then, is likely the most honest of the three; preferring overly expensive, high-fashion clothing, he is equally high-powered in his life using partying as a cover to slip away from his overly serious academic study. Ernie loves to go to clubs or to re-create the feel of the club at his apartment and tends to get very touchy-feely when he feels the substances start to kick in.

Living together, all three are messy individuals. Not minding living in a sty, they allow things to fall where they land. Not caring about whose clothes is whose, or if whatever pile of clothes and dishes is dirty or clean, they freely exchange and use whatever is lying around the apartment. With all of them joined in the Satanic faith of the Left-Hand Path, they prefer to live in filth as a misunderstood reasoning of the satanic virtues. With their apartment always alighted with dark mood candles, however, and all of the boys taking seriously individual autonomy and safety, they adhere to the tenets of their faith in accordance with what works for them as busy, overworked students who don’t mind a messy, unorganized clutter.

The trio’s backgrounds are known only to themselves; with each of them lying to one another, none truly know the actual origins of the people they spend so much time around. The truth is, however, that Abelard’s mother and father were ex-hippies from back in the day. He was raised in rural Redneck territory but radicalized away from his ultra-conservative origins in his late teens. Beele’s grandparents, who raised him ever since his original parent gave him up to pursue their own partying decadence, never told him of his parents’ bad faith and instead showered him with whatever he wanted from their extensive bank accounts. Existing now more in the virtual world than the real one due to severe health problems, Beele mostly fended on his own past adolescence. Ernie, meanwhile, seems to be the lucky one with a perfectly normal middle-class upbringing.

Of the group, the party people each have their own yet oddly conjoined internal conflicts. When at school, it is balancing one another’s false personas with their own desires and inner-personhood. While at home, it is remembering who their family saw them as while they adjust to being at a place that doesn’t demand a certain social clot. All three must perform this complicated ritual while trying to make that leap from late adolescence to young adulthood and it is more difficult than it seems. On top of secretly practicing their sneered faith, trying to reconcile their unique identity while also co-habituating with others who couldn’t care less, it can produce some trying times.

Externally, the group of friends, though honest and outgoing with each other, tend to sometimes only get along because they are the only friends that understand each other. Many people on campus feel that The Party People are a detriment to the social life of the campus, despite the fact that their apartment is relatively far away from the dorms. Not only, then, must they struggle with some ostracizing from their peers and some professors, but they must wrestle with the fact that they might not even be cut out for university, to begin with.


To read more of my up-coming project– Enchanted Assemblages— visit my page and read on some of the other fascinating characters.

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