Tangagile University was a heavily invested in technology. Sure, they had plenty of their pedagogy immersed in the old pen and paper way of teaching, with plenty of essays and students encouraged to take handwritten notes during lecture, but technology— New Media— was what they were known for and for good reason.


Reno first entered the Technology Commons with a shocked look on his face– the machines seemed ancient. But, appearances could be deceiving since these machines were, in fact, state-of-the-art devices inspired by old technology a world ago.

When Reno first began his classes, he was surprised to the degree that gaming factored into his coursework. Every professor seemed to have their own virtual experiment or game for the students to play. Such games didn’t replace scholarly engagement but it did heavily supplement it. In his first semester alone, Reno was exposed to such esoteric ideas such as a “Critical Clickventure” and a “Living Annotation”; concepts which, among others, would have made his high school career far more enjoyable had he been exposed to such educational notions back then.

By far, though, what caught his attention, like everyone else’s attention, was the star attraction to Tangagile— the university’s suite of fully-immersive virtual reality suits. Connected to Vingaard and rendered in glorious 3D 30k ultra-HD, it was truly like being back in the middle ages. Hence, why Reno ended up entering Tangagile as a Medieval Studies major, so he could romp around in this new reality to his heart’s content and earn credit for it.

Of course, the university capped the amount of time one could spend in the virtual reality suits. Too long and the person would forget that Vingaard wasn’t the real world (or that it what studies supposedly showed). So, a student could only play so much for their homework, so much for additional study, and only so much with professor and extra-department permission. Seeing as how most students had had coursework for other professors and the virtual reality suits were merely one component of a large and varied library of New Media learning, this was hardly a loss.

For Reno, though, it was a loss because he found in this new rendition of Vingaard a new lease on his life.

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