Reno was a bit of a shy kid. Though, you wouldn’t know that judging him by his Vingaard avatar; a partier and socialite, virtual Reno was the life of the party. Why really amounted to the age-old reason— online, with the real you hidden, you didn’t have to over-think so much and could be someone else. Though he had schoolwork to do online in Vingaard, being a smart kid, he was able to get it done pretty quickly. This gave him plenty of time to muck around in the social aspects.

Quickly, he found that his classmates and he were able to bond once the real world differences which separated them were buried under the imagined community of Arthurian knights. Sticking to the improvised script of each one following their character’s traits and personality in accordance to a loosely interpreted idea of Chivalry, Reno and his young cohorts became the medieval equivalent of hoodlums, always up to something though rarely being productive. Whether this was a good or bad thing, dear reader, I will leave to you. Regardless, Reno found something of a second life in Vingaard and he ended up having more fun in his first term than he had in all of high school.

This was something you wouldn’t expect if you saw him on move-in day. Trying his best to put on a brave face, he was practically in tears the whole time; Reno was on the verge of crying not because he had some sentimentality for his parents, whom he knew he would have plenty of contact with due to him being reliant on their support to get through university. No, he was emotional because he was frightened of living with someone else the whole academic year.

Reno wasn’t a social creature. He liked to be by himself. And so living with another young male the whole time freaked him out. It caused him to slink back into his own shell purely for comfort. Making friends was difficult because he wasn’t comfortable with himself; like many first-years, he tried to re-invent himself in a more confident, hipsterish way, but mostly came off as just a dweeb. He remained alone. He became isolated. His classes were an outlet but only for such a time; even though he excelled in his subjects, his Depression began to get the better of him. Until he had enrolled in the advanced seminar, he hadn’t truly known how depressed he had been, mostly because he hadn’t known what he was missing out on. This was why the first day of class would be forever ingrained in his mind.


More often than not, Reno felt like this lone thinker– alone, distant, and but himself to entertain; his only friend in the world the distanceless expanse of the outside world in all its abundant horrors.

This first class session would set him on the path to his “partier” persona which, for now, he hadn’t even created yet. As he was at the present time, still acclimating to campus life, Reno was like any other new freshman— alone and desperately clinging to his only acquittance in the apparent world— his roommate.

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