Sora was correct, of course. Upon entering the general vicinity of the where the sunbeams impact the earth, things changed. Sora seemed to know what he was doing, though.

“I was expecting to automatically enter the Territory when we crossed the invisible line, but I supposed that professor Algrotto has other plans.” He then waved his hand through a pillar of conspicuous smoke and suddenly, like a text crawl from one of those Star Wars films Reno had watched growing up, lines of wispy, smoky words floated upward into the air. The text read



“It is the beginning of the end for the great lord of England Uther Pendragon. Falling sick with love for the fair Igrayne, Uther wages war on the Duke of Cornewaill; laying siege to Castle Terrabyl, he sends for the great magician lord Merlyn to heal his wounds. Though he knows it not, his death is near.”



Sora hesitated for a moment but promptly waved his hand. Suddenly, the world jerked and Reno found himself alongside Sora but normal sized.

“Whoa,” Reno sputtered. “I wasn’t expecting that kind of nausea.” Reno thought that if he could see his face, it would likely appear as green as an animated character’s face in one of those Saturday morning cartoons he used to watch as a child.

“Haha… yeah, you get used to it, though, in time.” Said Sora, patting Reno on the back in a brotherly way.

“Oh, what did it mean by corruptions? Before it said ‘Read’ it said ‘Corruptions:1’, what was that?”

“I’m not sure… I’ve never been in an Interactive Seminar like this before so I am just as green as you.” Sora replied. “It could be anything. But, in the syllabus, it did say that while we explored the virtual world, there would be challenges for us to complete before professor Algrotto posted any Quests. If I had to guess, I would venture that these ‘Corruptions’ are those challenges. But, maybe I’m wrong.”

“Well, I guess we will never know if we just stand around waxing idly, will we? Best get going.”

Sora grunted his approval and they were off. They appeared to be on the edge of a forest. Before them laid a vast plain. Far off in the distance lay a castle with an endless sea of men and tents. The pair had little else to do but go where the action was although both of them kept a close handle on their weapons— a sword for Reno and short-sword and bow for Sora.

AS Reno and Sora moved through the encampment, they noticed that more and more men began bustling around them. Coming closer to the castle, Reno only belatedly realized that there must be a battle up ahead; looking back, he saw that the mass of the camp was actually a busy hive of activity dedicated to keeping the battle going. Straight ahead, now close to the engagement, he saw the true spectacle— war.

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