Lucky break, professor Algrotto had a minor medical emergency so he canceled class. Reno and Sora were internally jumping for joy. Externally, they had woken up in a haze feeling somewhat hungover, though neither had any alcohol the night before. They were just stiff and sore from sleeping in such odd poses. Stretching and yawning like beasts, they gradually go back into the swing of things as the soft piddle of coffee being brewed helped them wake up.

It was warm and humid inside their shared dorm. Summer’s sticky atmosphere caused tiny droplets of sweat to streak down their co-mingled bodies as they slept so their bed was an unpleasant, and smelly, affair. Drinking their coffee in a mutually agreed upon silence, Reno reflected that he was not a coffee person and would ask for black tea from now. Besides, it was still too muggy for hot drinks, he thought. Still, it was a quaint morning all the same. Sitting near Sora, he felt content, and his brain reflected that contentedness by releasing just the right amount of serotonin and dopamine.

Rising from his seat, Sora set his empty cup aside and got dressed. As he was pulling up a pair of slacks, trying his best to straighten out his boxers so he wouldn’t feel like Mr. Puffpants, he said to Reno, “So, I decided that I will stick with the class. You were right. There isn’t any point in withdrawing from the course now. I… overreacted.”

Reno was trying to pull on a shirt when Sora’s remarks made him smile as wide as he ever did before. Grinning from ear to ear, he probably looked like The Joker. But less creepy. Lucky his shirt covered his obtuse grin.

“That’s great to hear!” Reno replied. “I wasn’t exactly fancying completing that class alone.”

“I imagine not. My first interactive course I was lucky enough to have an upper-classman take me under their wing, so now I can return the favor, somewhat— though this being an advanced course, I think you will do just fine. Sink or swim, after all.”

We finished getting dressed and sauntered on over the Technology Commons at a leisurely pace. Today seemed like it was going to be a chill day, so neither of us hurried. In the early morning hours, no one was up, so complete silence pervaded their walk as the warm-cool morning breeze gently pattered their bodies, cooling it somewhat from the confined space of the dormitory. It was one of those mornings that, years in the future, one looks back on with romantic fondness, where one idealizes the simplicity of everything. Indeed, it was a wonderful morning after the storm.

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