(Apologies for the out of out of chronology post; this short handout belongs in the first just after the scene “Another Homework Session with the Breakfast Club.” The project page has been edited to reflect this. As this is another chance to concretely engage with the text, I hope all readers will take up the challenge. –ed)

Reno got out from professor Algrotto’s office shaking his head in disbelief. The term has just begun, and he already had an extra-credit opportunity. Sure, it wasn’t much, but something to help him acclimate better to the course.

In short, it was a video assignment: after reading the first book in Malory’s novel, Reno had to create a short video tackling certain aspects of the text. It was an “honest response,” as the professor had called it. Essentially, Reno just needed to record himself talking about the first book in no particular order and then upload it to YouTube.

Simple… right?

Reno looked at the handout.

Book 1 (Video Assignment)

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