It has been a long time coming.

This day has been in the making for the last six years– your final semester! You’ve been at Tangagile University for far too long. Drama, finances, and even a few less than steller grades haven’t stopped you; you’ve watched friends graduate and family pass you by but through it all, you’ve stayed strong.  Now you feel triumphant knowing that this term is your final term. A couple of electives is nothing. The last challenge is your major’s one last obligation. All you have to do is complete one last class for your degree’s concentration: ENG491.2.

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done.

All though you have done this before– braved the virtual world of Vingaard– something feels different this time around. Something feels… off.

The professor says that “The Vision” is all that matters and they leave you feeling more confused than ever; what does “the vision” even mean? You do not know. What you do know, however, is that the central text for study– The Vision of Piers the Ploughman— challenges you in ways you couldn’t previously imagine and with each passing day, you feel your chances of passing this course dwindle.

But, preparing to enter that breech once more into Vingaard, you push these doubts aside. There is something going on here and whatever it is, you are determined to rat out its source. After all, you have a vision of your own, graduation, and aren’t about to let some renegade code cockblock your future.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this small teaser “trailer” for my new project Living Annotations. I don’t want to say too much right now since later I will post a fuller-explanation of the project. It is enough to say, though, that this new project is connected to Enchanted Assemblages and will expand on the mythos begun in there and connect to it in ways not evident at the present time. Thanks for reading and be sure to look for the official announcement in the coming weeks!

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