An Unknown Parliament (Prologue)(1) [Living Annotations]

You enter the territory named “The Unknown Parliament.” Why it is so named you do not yet know; as far as you can tell, there are no structures about which would suggest history, no ruins of a fantastical nature where great legal debates were held. You only see empty wilderness.

At first, it is the silence that catches you off guard. Normally, whenever you’re enrolled in an interactive seminar, you always have your teammates close at hand to assist. Now, though, without the constant chatter and small-talk of early-twenty-somethings, you feel very alone. Not afraid—that would be absurd in such a safe environment but cast adrift.

You wander for a time and try and locate another living being. Or, not exactly a living being—since most, if not all, of the life-forms you will encounter here are merely A.I.s—but something that will talk to you and provide some direction. You mentally repeat yourself and recall how in previous interactive seminars, you had a lot more to go upon than simply “fill out this journal.” Sure, you have the journal in your rut sack and can easily access it, but that means precious little if you don’t know how to fill it out.

Regardless of the learning curve associated with this seminar, you push forward. Every interactive seminar has an acclimation period, so why should so one be any different, especially when the text in question—The Vision of Piers Plowman—has, apparently, a sordidly difficult reputation?

At long last, however, you encounter someone in the distance. You yell at them, but they do not respond. You know how this game is played—Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) playing coy. Classic game design. You chase after them.

Of the character you saw, you lose sight of but that is fine, because you now encounter hundreds of NPCs. Stepping through a small clearing in the woods, you see all manner of life; classes galore and surely as much here as you’ve ever seen in any interactive seminar. It is astounding.

It would take you too long to recount all the kinds of people you saw, but rather it is sufficient to say that from rich to poor, moral to immoral, you saw the widest possible spectrum of life. It was as though Wall Street was put next to a convent, which was in turn next to the supreme court on the eve of a major decision. People of all walks congregated and co-mingled, some more than others.

You walk and search. What little you know about the seminar states that you are in search for clues. So you locate as best as you are able.

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