An Unknown Parliament (Prologue)(4) [Living Annotations]

Returning outdoors, you inwardly sigh and scratch your head. You take out your scroll imbued with the course objectives for the poem’s prologue.

Skittering creatures; a parliament most unfowl; follow the tails of the dirt speckled masses

Truly, that was among the most unhelpful thing you have ever read. Cussing some before ultimately returning to your hunt, you kick a frog in anger and sit down to re-read the first chapter of the poem. Luckily, you have the digital copy uploaded with your avatar.

After re-reading the section, you comically slap the backside of your head in a classic dunce motion. Of course, the answer was so obvious all along. Sometimes, like today, you question your reading skills, but unlike most other days, you laugh off your intellectual sleights and push forward in a better mood than a little while ago.

You know where to go, now.

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