An Unknown Parliament (Prologue)(5) [Living Annotations]

You leave the great hall and return outside.

Drawing closer to the edge of the TARDIS-like building, you search for a hole. A hole that only mice and rodents could find appealing.

Normally, in a situation like this, you would simply shrink yourself down via the help of a spell; then, once you found the hole, you could stroll inside like a sheriff on an urgent mission from the king. But, this simulation is not like your previous seminars. So… you are sort of at a loss.

You could, perhaps, return to the overworld map and see what your classmates are saying in Letters (“Chat” as you had to remind yourself time and time again as a Freshmen). And yet, that would take a while and besides, no one has likely even talked very much at this point. It seems like a dead-end.

Well, you muse to yourself, it’s time to go Kindergarten.

Scooting down on your hands and knees, you crawl and stick your face deep into the overgrown plant-life. Slowly crawling around side-to-side, inch-by-inch, you figure that to anyone looking in on you, you must look like a crab. Fortunately, there is no real person to see you; all of the people now gawking at your rear-end imitating a crustacean are just data. Thank the heavens!

Finally, and thanks to the help of a friendly feline, you locate just such a mouse hole.

With the tedious part down, now you just must find a way inside the hole…


[How did you find your way into the hole? Think of everything you have seen up to this point; think of a “plausible” way you would shrink down; maybe you would ask the king for help? Perhaps a peasant might know a trick? Someone else? Once you have thought of a way, comment below how you gained entrance to the hole and click the link below.]

Mice Den

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