Literary Event #10

Staying a while, you plop yourself down and ingratiate yourself among the mice. It is not every day that you are part of a debate among the Micen creatures. How often does one get such chances? All too rarely, is what.

In truth, though, the parliament was a chaotic death-trap. Probably because the topic at hand was of a life or death matter.

It seems that some sort of awful creature was hunting the mice and killing many. There was heated debate on what should be done with the demon.

And yet, something was off… you listen some more….

A mouse who seemed more egotistic than some / Strode forth sternly and stood before them all, / Berating as follows the rabble of rats: / ‘If we befriended the cat, another would come / To catch us and ours, wherever we hid. / So I counsel the lords to forget the cat, / And not be so meek as to bother him with common sense.’ (L 201-206)

Yes, the monk in you knew something was up. But what?

[Corruption Elimination: In the passage above, several words throughout the passage have been altered. They have been changed from the original in your book. Using your copy of the poem, look over the passage, identify the words that are changed, and (1) denote which words have changed, and (2) identify how the words being changed, changes the passage itself and the ramifications of that change for the poem.]

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