Literary Event #4

Non-Playable Characters– so awkward!

You remember the first time that you entered Vingaard as a Freshman and tried to befriend one of the NPC; you had mistaken them for another student from your class– ENG 277: The World of Jane Austen– and kept becoming confused when they wouldn’t directly answer any of your remarks about the real world. Goodness. That blunder still makes you red in the face.

[Memory Recall: NPCs exist in all video games. Innocent and easily ignorable, they are just part of the decoration. In the far future, though, do you think something like NPCs might replace teachers as instructors? Do you think that Humanities classes, like English, philosophy, History, etc., could be run entirely by computers if educational video games become widespread? Select a memory of yours to support whether or not you think this is very likely.]

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