Literary Event #5

It is like a kaleidoscope of life. Feathers, spears, linen both colorful and drab, horses and donkeys, preaching and theft… the only way to describe this place and its people would be to simply that it is a city. People of all races and creeds co-existing. You notice the subtle details that your professor included in the simulation and are all the more impressed with his mastery of the subject material.

[Artistic Production: describing the life of a city can be hard, if not impossible. Instead, I encourage you to show this variety of life. Using whatever means of artistic medium you find most capable, paint or draw or paste (or whatever!) this scene as it exists in your mind’s eye. Take a picture of your creation when you’re done and insert it into your journal with a short description; comment below and post a picture of your creation so others can see it!]

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