Literary Event #6

The great tower and dungeon forcefully imprint themselves within your mind. You are taken aback by the reality of the simulation and reflect that never before have you been so acted upon in an interactive seminar. Even so, as surprising as it is, you remember something from the syllabus that said to look for journal entries in surprising places.

[Multi-Pronged Annotation: Lines 14-16 of the prologue describe the tower and dungeon. In your journal, briefly describe what you think the tower and dungeon represent, underline these aspects in your copy of the poem. This will compromise the first half of the prargraph. Then, once you have figured out an opinion on the tower and dungeon, see if you cannot locate another section in the prologue where towers or dungeons are referenced; does the tower and dungeon make another appearance in the prologue, or is it a one-time affair? What do you think that it means? Record your thoughts as the second half of the paragraph. Share below.]

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