Literary Event #8

You were never a Doctor Who fan. You were aware of the show but were too busy to become a fan, though it sounded interesting. Even so, the odd parameters of the building reminded you of the “TARDIS” building and how its physics defied your typical mathematics. In any case, this casual reminder is a perfect chance for a journal entry. You thank Odin (or the Doctor)!

[Temporal Clash: using whatever means you like best (photoshop, cutting and pasting images to make a collage, etc.), create an image that captures this idea of a medieval building losing its interiority by becoming lost within a modern or Sci-Fi aesthetic. Simply combine medieval images with modern/Sci-Fi and see if you can’t find something that captures the essence of two historical periods colliding (and no, you don’t have to use Doctor Who images if you don’t want to; feel free to use anything modern or sci-fi. Take an image of your creation and post it both below and in your journal with a brief description.]

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