Literary Event #15

It was next to impossible to describe Native Wit. They were just too… unreal. Like most entities in this province of Vingaard, they were as palimpsesteous as the king or this strange great hall. For a long time you just stared at their form, memorized by the soft and gentle sounds that emanated from them.

[Performance Art: consider the strange ways in which your avatar in this adventure reacts to Native Wit. They seems confused or ‘out of it,’ like they are not all there. Re-create this confusion through a kind of performance art; it can be dancing, silly sign-language, or anything that you feel captures the moment. Post a video of this performance or take a few pictures of it.

If you do not want to do a performance, or don’t have the technology to capture the performance, then an alternative Literary Event for this event is to artistically represent how you think Native Wit looks. As always, post the image below and in your journal with a short description.]

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