Literary Event #16

At the beginning of most of your interactive seminars, you have, historically, felt like someone with an intellectual handicap. Because these seminars tend to be so abstract at the start, you really have had to learn by a holistic process of aimlessly wander, scream, and look at the “Letters” chat system for help from classmates. All too often do you forget that the game and text are intimately bound. This is one time where you do just that: recluctantly, you open the Letters chat system, and see what you can find.

[Lingual Chain: time for a fun event. Post a selection from the second half of the poem’s prologue, preferably one with the rat colony, and write an observation about that passage that you found unique. Wait for someone to respond to your passage with a counter-observation (this can be anything: a memory of theirs that relates to the text, something written by a scholarly, just another factoid about the passage that alters the original poster’s take on it, anything!). Take turns interpreting the passage by striving to find something new in the passage. Do whatever it takes to continually find new and exciting secrets in the passage. Record your experience in your journal.]

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