Literary Event #17

Handling your scroll, you reflect on how realistic this simulation is; the feel of the leather is smooth yet course on the area damaged, the smell old but well-cared for as revealed by the crude conditioner that existed during this period. All the same, it is jarring to open up the scroll to expect some old form of English only to see perfectly plain Times New Roman as the font, rendered in contemporary English. The juxtaposition of medieval and modern is something that you haven’t yet gotten used to despite having taken at least one other seminar in the medieval portions of Vingaard. Still, you think that such a contrast is a good thing, because you do not feel very much like learning Latin or Middle English. At least, not yet…

[Propaganda: using your artistic skills, create a poster roughly in the shape/form/aesthetic of a scroll. On this “scroll” write a few factoids about literature that most people might not know; such factoids can be about how intellectually demanding it is to perform a close reading, how much history pre-determines the text and author’s relationship to the text, or anything you find important. The idea is to make a “scroll” that gives the average person vital information about English Literature. Once the scroll is completed, consider posting it up somewhere (with the property’s owner’s permission, of course) to let people know. Take a photo of this scroll and share it below. Paste it into your journal with a brief description.]

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