Literary Event #19

The workshop is better described as an artist’s loft. Here, many of the Micen creatures casually create from scrap whatever needs to be made for the colony. There are vast piles of refuge heaped around the large room with an equal number of rodents taking from the piles while others bring in new materials. It is an intriguing process to watch.

[Stream-of-Consciousness: Langland writes at the end of the prologue how the mice settle on allowing the cat to do what it naturally does because if they, as mice, do anything else, then they will only bring down more violent wrath upon themselves. Respond to this debate by either recording audio or writing in a “stream-of-consciousness” style; offer your thoughts on this debate and whether or not you agree with the mice’s decision. If you were a mouse or rat in this colony, would the decision they came to be satisfactory to you? Free feel to look up “stream-of-consciousness” if you do not have experience with this technique. Post your audio or written material below and in your journal.]

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