Literary Event #20

Before now, you never would have expected that mice would need an armory. But seeing the simply made weapons– such as sharpened pieces of iron and shards of glass refashioned into defensive tools– it makes you wonder at the ingenuity of such basic creatures; one the purpose of one item is replaced for a more needed purpose. It makes you wonder at Langland’s take on God’s lesser creations. At any rate, your professor for this course believed that rats were vital to the chapter. Perhaps in time you will think so as well.

[Replacement: Select a word that you think is significant to the chapter. This can be any word, a verb, noun, adjective or whatever. Give a short explanation of why you think this word is important and then replace that word with that word’s equivalent in Middle English or Latin (you might have to look up these words in a dictionary or using Google Translate). When you replace a word, what changes? When you use a Latin or Middle English word instead of a modern translation, is there anything that is “added” or “lost” in replacing the word? Please provide a description below and in your journal.]

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