A Shimmering Palace of Silver (Passus 1)(2) [Living Annotations]

Entering the territory, you encounter an area totally unlike the area you encountered previously in the prior Passus.

The area is difficult to identify because light shines off every surface. Squinting your eyes and wandering aimlessly, you manage to place your palm against a wall and feel that it is cool to the touch. Strategically covering your face with your hand to shield your vision, you examine the wall. Now that your eyes are no longer assailed from all sides from blinding hues and auras, you can clearly see that the wall is made from what you think is fair silver.

Turning away from the wall, once again you are assaulted by defeaning blindness. And yet, you hear a voice.

“I have come from the castle and so you would do well to not waste my time.”

You duly note the being’s statement.

And yet, you are confused. How would you waste its time? Furthermore, since you do not know how you would waste its time, how would you not waste its time? Frustrating.

You err on the side of caution while speaking. Though this simply clothed being appears friendly, you are afraid nonetheless. Copping out a plea of awe-struck submission, the being seems to accept your humbling. You ask what this place is and the being responds that here is the place before all other places. Not the most helpful answer, perhaps, but better than nothing.

“Why are you here?” This Lady-being asks.

“To search for artifacts and…” the words fail you. Once more, you are struck by how difficult it is to communicate with NPCs in a way that they understand. You go with an old classic. “purpose.”

“I see.” The Lady remarks off-handedly. “If that is the purpose, then you might find it here; or, you might lose yourself in the light and wander until Judgement Day. Careful not to tread on paths better left untrodden.”

“And how would I not mislead?” You ask.

Barely acknowledging you, The Lady turns her head and blithely remarks that you would do well not to get into heated arguments with the walls.

And with that, she vanished. And you continue on your quest.

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