A Shimmering Palace of Silver (Passus 1)(4) [Living Annotations]

Borrowing forward at speeds that would make a jousting knight envious, you throw caution to the wind and sprint forward in leaps and bounds.

For a while, this is a good idea. You seem to cover a lot of ground while the light of this place has changed to a stronger, less penetrating hue. As with all good things, though, it ends when you sudden teeter on and eventually fall off a cliff.

You begin to skid violently down a steep hill; certain that your medieval appropriate clothes are going to take a beating by the end. Thankfully, though, for both your clothes and whatever amount of skin that remains on your body, your wild thrashing does come to a close when you smash into a smooth wall of silver.

Once you catch your breath, you find the courage to examine the structure, only this time erring on the side of the caution you should have never abandoned.

Here, in this crevice just below the main flat are, the innumerable shimmers that blinded you just a bit ago are bearable and you can maneuver without constantly shielding your face. A Godsend to be sure!

Climbing atop a small silver-based structure whose purpose you cannot fathom, you encounter a sudden voice. This time around, it is not The Lady’s voice as this voice sounds deep and masculine. This voice sounds close though. Very close.

You look down.

There, just beneath your shoes, a large face immeshed within the silver makes itself known. All though the exact features of the face are hard to make out, you notice several prominent and bushy eyebrows. You squawk out a “hi.”

It responds: “Ha! Except by accident do the Select visit my abode; like so many before you, blinded by the light, or by Truth?”

You are not sure how to respond to that and so you wing it.

“Uh… I fell down… ?” Smooth.

“In my dungeon now, you are; or, not my dungeon, but the entrance to greater depths of depravity. Deeper regrets and doubts. But, if you come, then you will have all the drink you can swallow. What say ye?”

“No thanks. I am merely looking for my way around, my way to the…” You think to yourself a moment. What were you looking for? The sight of a tower comes to mind. But you only have an inkling of what that tower could be. “Tower.”

The face appears sullen. Like a hilarious joke is no longer funny.

“Then far away are you from your location, Select. Far away, indeed. But, if I might tempt you, I can let you come deep into a dank room under the ground and away from the light.”

All though the offer is tempting, you feel that going underground will be counter-productive to your quest. You leave and say your goodbyes to the giant face, still amused by its hairy face.

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