A Shimmering Palace of Silver (Passus 1)(8) [Living Annotations]

Becoming more aware of your surroundings, you now realize that faces stare down at you from all directions– both the left and right walls, the ground, even abstract ones in the air formed from the shimmering glints. You notice that words are scrawled on each face; each is written in an archaic language but it is at least a language that you can read thanks to your visor’s auto-translate placing the modern equivalent just above the Middle English original.

You go and investigate a face that is covered in words, a face in which the words “love” and “speech” war with “greed” for most repetition.


After examining the faces, you find yourself utterly exhausted. It feels like you have been in Vingaard forever and could use a well-earned break. More tired now than you feel you have been in a long time, you log out.

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