Looking around the new location, the area lives up to its name– dark, suffocating, and cold are all words that spring to mind.

And yet, you are unsure of where you are because all though the title said “catacombs,” you are not in a tomb complex. You barely have room to move but clearly see a lack of skeletons: on the left and right, both walls close in on you so tightly, that you can faintly make out what appears to be some kind of gravel and sawdust mix adhering to the wall thanks to some… mud? You are not sure. You have never studied medieval architecture.

What you do know, however, is that it is dark. You take out a gem and use some of your minuscule mana to make the gem glow. It isn’t much, and you will constantly have to refresh it, using an ever-diminishing amount from your mana pool, but what else can you do?

Using the gem as a light source, you press on.

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