Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(2) [Living Annotations]

You wander aimlessly for several minutes. Not much is accomplished.

Just when you are about to give up hope, however, you hear something– the vague sound of voices.

The voices are faint. And though you can not hear anything that they are saying, you try your best to move in their general direction, cursing the properties of sound every time you expect to see the source of the voice only to find out that you were off. After maybe an hour, or so, you finally locate the source of the voices. To your surprise, the voices are not in the “catacombs” with you, but rather, outside of it.

Arriving at an open grate just large enough to peer through, you see a beautifully decorated room of gilded filigree filled with appropriately well-dressed nobles. It then dawns on you— you are not inside catacombs but rather within a different kind of decay, you are inside of a lord’s manor-walls.

You are like a mouse man. Weird.

Listening in on the debate, you hear several sides argue over what seems to be a marriage contract.

“The contract is theft incarnate– I will not abide by such an immoral document!” screamed one man.

“It is hardly immoral. It is just the way of the land, Theology.” said the other man.

“Listen, Civil-Law, you are wrong in this and such a marriage between Money and False-Tongue will ruin everything we have worked so hard to build.”

The debate continued for a long while.

After what seemed like forever and a half, the room full of nobles gradually diminished. Theology was left alone and in tears. Dressed in simple garb that would have appealed to both noble and working folk alike, you think that Theology is either like a kindly priest or a wealthy politician who wears Carhartt jackets to appeal to the working class. You don’t know enough about them yet to know for sure.

You observe for a while but after an increasingly while of nothing happening, you figure that you are meant to intervene. Speaking loudly but confidentially, you say…


[What do you say? Remember, you are a stranger here and speaking through this apparent noble through a vent; what do you say in such a situation and how do you say that you want to help? Comment your response below and click here to continue.]

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