Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(3) [Living Annotations]

Theology is surprised at your voice and is at first hesitant. But when you say that you were sent by “higher powers,” he believes you, though you had meant your professor, but tomato-tamato.

“By what miraculous design. Your arrival here is very fortunate for all lovers of purity. The lady Money is to wed a vile-man and yet Civil-Law refuses to see the corrupting influence behind the marriage. I have tried to reason with him but he just doesn’t see. I am not sure what to do.”

You, like always, are not quite sure what to say, but this territory seems more interactive than the previous areas, so you feel that a direct approach is best. Besides, you have the book this whole province is based off, so you think you will be fine…

“Let me worry about that, Theology. I will find a way to help.”

Theology is visibly relieved once you lend your unwavering support to the cause. He then speaks to you at length.

“The king is due to decide on the matter is just a few hours. He will gather everyone involved in the marriage and decide whether to legitimate it or not once he was gone over all of the evidence for both those for and against the union. I have tried my part to persuade others to kill the union but to little avail. Money’s corrupting influence is powerful.”

“So… we just need to gather evidence, then? Sounds simple enough,” you reply.

“Not so easy, my new friend. For I have been contained to my room here until the hearing, so I can’t help you. Guards are posted just outside this door. So I have no idea how you will go about collecting evidence. It seems hopeless…” Theology sighs deeply. But, suddenly, he has an idea: “I can’t but you can! You are within the service corridors; hardly anyone goes in there anymore. You can venture around in there and collect evidence to disavow the marriage. Then, slide it to me through the grate.”

“Yes, yes I can,” you comment, not much caring for the elaborate set-up for the elaborate chore that this chapter evidently has in store for you.

“As it so is, I can help a tad. Here, take this.” Spending a few minutes scribbling something to himself, Theology passes to you a thin sheet of paper (or whatever existed for paper in the middle ages… vellum?).

Theology passes to you a small map of the castle floor.

“I made it myself,” Theology remarks, “crude but it should help you get around the passages and guards. I will obey the guards and stay in this room but keep my ears tuned for any mischief. If I hear something, I will try my best to intervene but can’t make any promises to help should you get in trouble.”

“Okay, no problem,” you say, just wanting to get on with this chapter.

Theology backs away from the vent and you, using your gem for light, look at the map.

[Note to self and anyone reading this post: the map will be uploaded later.]

Where to go first?

[Go to Gluttony and Swearing’s room]

[Find an opening in the service corridor to sneak into Conscience’s room]

[Go to Simony’s room]

[Go to Falsehood and Flattery’s room]

[Find Guile]



[Time passes. You follow the paths above and collect evidence.]

Do you have all the evidence you need to present to the king? Do you wish to return to Theology?


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