Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(4) [Living Annotations]

Deftly moving along the narrow passageways, you manage to make it to Swearing and Gluttony’s room in just a few minutes. Truthfully, though, their room was easy to find since, after a while, you could hear thrashing sounds emanating from their general direction. The multitude of screamed curses made it easy to locate them.

Arriving at their room, you are surprised to find little in the way of vents or other such openings that lead to their room. Also, for the first time, you think of how you will enter the room… you are to collect evidence but how will you do that if you can’t slip away from these moldy hallways?

Looking back at the map, you notice something: there is a niche of some sort on the map. It must represent something in these hallways.

What do you do?

[Investigate the nitch and try to find its in-game representative]

[Look around your current location for any clues.]

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