Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(5) [Living Annotations]

You slouch low to the floor and try your best to look for anything that is helpful. As you search, you can hear the room’s occupants conversing boisterously about something. After several fruitless minutes of searching, you give up; as you are dragging yourself up from the floor, however, you hear a small voice, one that’s barely discernable among the raggle just beyond the walls.

Looking behind you, you see a tiny figure. Lowering your shining gem, you see the figure of a small mouse.

You lower yourself again but this time straight down with no space between you and the dirt. The mouse whispers in your ears.

“I remember you from legends, Select. My grandfather’s father spoke of you and your actions long ago in that great Micen parliament. Today, I wish to repay you in some small degree. As a mouse, I notice a great many things that you larger creatures do not and have so accustomed myself to living in your shadows. Those armored men in the main hallways change position every twenty-minutes. If you need to move about without being seen, then there may be a small window of opportunity when the guard is changed.”

You thank the mouse and return to figuring out how to enter the room.

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