Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(6) [Living Annotations]

Carefully moving in the near pitch black, you turn a corner and nearly fall into a deep pit.

Carefully examining the area with your glowing gem, you notice a great amount of slim and mushed substances on the sides of the pit. It smells like mold, fruit, and bad meat.

Suddenly, a section of the wall gives way to a screeching sound. You jump to the side to remain in the shadows. Through the opening, you see Gluttony– adorned in magnificent jewels and muscular– dump in piles of partially eaten food onto the now flattened wall.

You realize that the pit is a garbage chute and the wall what you pull out to place discarded remains on top of. You can use this to your advantage.

After dumping the food into the pit, the wall closes. You listen intently to the conversation in anticipation of when you can use the chute to enter the room.

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