Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(10) [Living Annotations]

You slowly move into the vented area despite being in plain sight of Falsehood and Flattery. You hope against hope that the space between the innumerable punctures offers you privacy.

“Have you really been making all of the rounds? Already” That is a lot of bribes to offer in under two days.” Falsehood remarked.

“I am if nothing skilled in my trade, as you know. And I am…”

Falsehood looks confused. “Yes?” he queries.

“I… think I see something. In the walls.”


“The… walls… ?”

Flattery gets up from his seat.


You start to slowly move back into the shadows but realize you will not make it in time. You make the brave decision to stay your course and hopefully avoid getting caught.

You slowly, ever so slowly, move inch-by-inch, back into the darkness. Flattery is so close you can make out every detail of his body; dressed in a high-gloss purple outfit and drenched in a pungent, cologne-like scent, you nearly choke at the odious smell.


Flattery whispers, “I see you…”

It’s at that moment you fly like a bat out of Hell. You can hear Flattery screaming for the guards to sweep the service corridors. Even though you give the guards a heck of a fight, it is in vain. Sooner rather than later, you are cornered and skewered to death with spears and blades.

You reset.

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