Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(12) [Living Annotations]

It is a calculated risk but one you feel comfortable in taking. You are not sure, after all, that the pair will return to their seats. And since you need to gather all of the intel possible, you decide to wait it out.

Your risk is rewarded. The pair continues talking for a good while.

Just then, Guile enters the room. Though he does not stay very long, his presence offers some odd contributions.

“You wanted to see me, Masters?” Guile said, with just enough arrogance in his voice to make him out to be any middle-manager that you have had the unfortunate luck to be employed under.

“Yes,” replied Flattery. “I need you for a special job. You’ve heard of the impending marriage of Money to Falsehood. I have been doing my part to sweet talk the local lords, but now I need you to carry out the final blow to secure the marriage.”

“Really? With just hours to spare before the king hears the argument for the wedding and only now are you bothering to secure the votes of the lesser-lords?”

“Please, Guile, let’s not argue. I have made mistakes, yes, but bringing out the best in people takes a while. And this next part is something only you can do. Please, take these gold coins and letters explaining the situation to the lords and allow Falsehood happiness again. It is important that someone of your caliber do this, please!”

Guile, clearly taken in by Flattery’s flattery, consented. He gathered up the pouches of gold and letters and took off, saying that he would first drop by the kitchen to grab a snack before leaving, and then be off.

At that, Guile left, leaving Falsehood and Flattery alone again.

[You return to the shadows.]

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