Holy Catacombs (Passus 2)(14) [Living Annotations]

At long last, you finally manage to break into the room!

Entering the opulent interior, you are struck by the hoarded wealth you see. Gold, diamonds, and so much luxury, it reminds you of the elite’s penthouses back in reality. You figure that the ruling class of every epoch prefers to live in numbed pleasure while the masses starve. Typical.

Now, though, you have to find something in this room to act as proof for the upcoming hearing. You need to locate something that proves Falsehood and Flattery’s deceit.

If only you had an idea of what you were looking for and only if this room was less a penthouse and more a studio apartment!

[Look through the closets]

[Ruffle around the living room looking for evidence]

[Snoop throughout Falsehood and Flattery’s personal desks]

[Dash into the bedroom area to search]

[Go into the kitchen]

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